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Me And Abimbola - Season 4 - Episode 11

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” please don’t do this, I want to rest, beside is too late. You are not the one to tell me what to do at this point, am the one to decide. Open it joor before I slap you. Idiot.”

I was fast asleep but the noice of Ttech and bukola woke me up. The light was too bright which made it difficult for me to see immediately I opened my eyes. I had to relax to understand what was going on. I saw bukola holding the Waldrop while Ttech was bleeped her from behind. I checked my time, it was 3:15am. I Watched Ttech as he was going in and out from her behind while she kept on begging Ttech to stop.

I felt for bukola, I remembered her we destroyed herkittyc@tthe previous evening. I couldn’t hold it any longer, I had to plead on her behalf but Ttech never listened to me. I left both of the and went to the parlor. I couldn’t sleep again. I remembered Stella, whom I never seen for a while. She traveled to Osun state to see her granny. I supposed to call her yesterday as promised but I failed to do so which I know is going to result to something else. I finally dozed off….

I had to monitor my master planner movement, I waited for him to enter the bath room before I went to wake bukola who was still sleeping, no doubt, it must be because of what she went through yesterday and this night.

Me:( tapping her ) bukola! Bukola!! Bukky!!!

Bukola: eeeehn…eeeehn

Me: wake up…

Bukola: (scared) please not again, please I beg you.

Me: ( robbing her back) is OK, am not here to have sex with you. Take this #1000, use it and transport your self home, don’t let Ttech to see it.

Bukola: (dipped the money inside her bra) thank you.

Me: make sure to take your bath now and start going.

I went to the kitchen to prepare food, so me and Ttech can eat before going out. I was still warming the rice when bukola entered the kitchen and offered to help me. I asked her not to bother her self. She went back inside the room definetly to arrange her things. After putting the stew on fire, I decided to call Stella.

Me: hello baby…

Stella: hi Sweetheart, you promised to call earlier than this, but you failed. Why?

Me: I ran out of air time, am so sorry honey.

Stella: why didn’t you tell me…

After the call, Stella promised to send me #400 airtime and some money into my account. After taking my bath, me and Ttech was eating in the dinning when bukola appeared with her hand bag.

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Bukola: am going, thanks for everything..

Ttech: use the door.

Me:(stared at him) come and eat food before going.

Ttech was about opposing my decision when I told him to calm down, though he listened to me but I am quit sure he was upset. We both ate together after which she left my House.

Ttech followed me to where I will enter bus to work. Though I don’t buy the idea of going to work by this time in the morning but I dont have a choice because my manager needs my attention. I got to the company around 7:30am, I met my manager in his office.

Me: good morning sir.

Manager: Mr rely! thankGod you are here, I was about dialing you number.

Me: hope there is no problem sir?

Manager: I won’t be around today, so I want you to take care of the people that will summit their curriculum vita. Make sure to go through there CV and tell them to come along with there result tomorrow.

Me: OK sir.

After the conversion, I went to my office beside my managers office, I was arranging my books on the table when I had a little scratch on my J0yst!ck. I recalled that I have be having that scratch continually which I enjoyed scratching because it was kind of sweet and I enjoyed scratching it.

Around 12:05pm, I was attending to one of those who brought their CV when my phone ran. It was a strange number which made me to pick it.

Me: hello who is this…

Caller: so you have forgotten my voice rely?

Me: is this Bblondon?

Caller: yes baby….

I started feeling stomach upset immediately…


The scratching was getting unfavorable for me. I was trying to hide it a way from those who came to submit their CV. But in one way or the other, I do scratch it without their knowledge. What was happening to me is what I don’t know. The worst scenario was that, I can’t do without scratching my J0yst!ck because I do enjoy it that moment.

I was meditating on what Bblondon told me on just finished conversation I had with her. Lastly, she is back in Lagos. Another difficult time to experience again. Am really tired of Bblondon, I wish I can resolve what transpired between me and her but the deed is already done. I have to face what ever she brings on this time. Am so afraid of what will happen to me if am to tell my master planner about me and Bblondon. I really want to tell my master planner but she warned me not to disclose whatever goes between us to anyone, unless, I will stand a chance to loose my life. Am regreting all my act now, I think Bblondon is my doom. No, there must be a way out.

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I was thinking about Bblondon and at the same time scratching my J0yst!ck when ABIMBOLA call distracted me.

Me: hi honey..

Abimbola: my baby, so if I didn’t call you, you won’t bother calling me?

Me: no nah, I planned on calling you this night as soon as I get home.

Abimbola: OK sir, how is my baby?

Me: ( scratching) your baby is not fine, but don’t bother, he will be OK…

After some minutes on call with my Abimbola. She told me that she will be reporting at home by next week. It wasn’t as if I want her to come back, but right now, the presence of Bblondon has started disturbing me. I wish Bblondon will just die, so I can rest.

Me: ( scratching my J0yst!ck) hmm is already 5:30pm
I tried calling bukola to know if she has gotten home but her cell phone was switched off. It was time to pack and go home. I was in the middle of packing the CV so I can submit it to my manager before I live the company when I had a knock on the door.

Me:(open the door) what is it aboki?

Gateman: someone wants to see oga

Me: who is that?

Gateman: nah one girl, she dey outside..

I went outside with the gateman to see the girl. A humble looking girl standing in front of Gateman’s apartment.

Me: hello dear

Girl: good evening sir

Me: how are you and how may I help you?

Girl: please I came to check if there is a vacant spece for me to fit in.

Me: sure there is. Are you with your CV?

Girl: no, I will bring it tomorrow.

Me: OK then, see you tomorrow.

Girl: thank you sir

She was about living when I called her back;

Me: hello, whats that your name?

Girl: blessing

Me:( I remembered Bblondon) OK, see you blessing.

I went back to my office to finish what I was doing. I handed all the CV to my manager and brought my living to his notice. I was inside the bus when my phone rang. It was unknown number.

Me: hello

Caller: rely how far

Me: good, who is this please?

Caller: Ifeanyi from computer school

Me: hey my man, what’s up nigga
Ifeanyi: nothing much boss, how ur side?

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Me: everywhere dry joor. So whats the update?

Ifeanyi: nah school oo, they said make we come collect our certificate.

Me: ( my madam again) OK boss, thanks for informing me.

I was stylishly scratching my underneath to avoid attracting the person beside me. The scratching was so sweet that I need to deep my hand inside my buzzer but because of people around me, I was unable to do that. I remembered all that transpired between me, my madam and her daughter ifeoluwa. Though I miss ifeoluwa but there was nothing I can do. I don’t even know weather my madam will release my certificate or not.

I made up my mind to update my master planner on WhatsApp. Ttech wasn’t replying my messages so I decided to beep AY. “ThankGod AY is online”

Me: blood

AY: bro how far

Me: I just dey inside the bus dey come back..

AY: shey since morning?

Me: yes ooo,

AY: hope he will pay you extra money..

Me: that’s what I can’t tell for now..

AY: he must pay ooo

Me: live that one joor, nah my madam be my problem now oo

AY: you don go bleep her!

Me: which madam you think say I dey talk about now?

AY: your manager madam nah

Me: see you, nah my madam for my computer school

AY: that woman, weting happen? She don dey miss your J0yst!ck abi?

Me: you no well… She said we should come and take our certificate

AY: aaagh, after all the problems, am not sure she will release yours ooo

Me: that’s the problem, I don’t know weather I should go or not..

AY: you no what;

Me: no

AY: go there, this certificate might bring the reconciliation between the both of you.

After the chat with AY. I made up my mind to go. Whatever that comes out of it, I will take it like that. I guess the person sitting beside me understood what was going on, the scratching was getting unbearable to me, I don’t even know what is going on. Why am I scratching like this. I haven’t experience this before.

I got home around 7:30pm because of the traffic. After eating, I decided to call Stella who will be expecting my call all this while. I was about dialing her number when the thought of blessing who came in search of job today popped into my medulla.

Me: all my life has been blessing, I pray I should not die in the hands of blessing.

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