SARS Officers Collects N100k from Man with POS After Threatening to Waste his Life

A building contractor has accused Some policemen in Edo State of extorting N100,000 from a building contractor, Emmanuel Alabede. The operatives allegedly collected the money using Point Of Sale (POS) machine after threatening to kill him if he failed to give the bribe.

Alabede was travelling from Ibadan to Abuja when the car he was travelling in was stopped by the cops on the Ibilo-Okene Expressway and the bags of the occupants of the car were searched.

The 28yrs old said the operatives raised their voice and threatened to kill him, added that he eventually released his phone to them.

He said,
“They searched my phone but they found nothing incriminating; all they saw were pictures of uncompleted buildings. They asked me if the buildings belonged to me and I told them that they were not mine but they belonged to my clients.

“They said I was lying and accused me of being an Internet fraudster but I told them I was not and showed them my ID card and my company’s card, but they did not release me.

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“While they were with my phone, a notification of alert of over N200,000 popped up on my phone from a client and they said they were going to collect the N200,000 from me.

“I told them that the money was not for me; that it was for a client that wanted me to work on his building, but they told me that if I didn’t give them the money they would kill me and nobody would hold them responsible.”

Alabede said when he refused to give the cops the bribe demanded, they told the driver of the car he was travelling in to go. That he had to cooperate with the operatives to save his life.

He said,
“I told them that I could not give them the whole money but I can give them part of it; so they told me that they would not collect anything less than N100,000 from me.

“They took me to a POS operator and I made a transfer of N100,000 to the operator who charged N2,500 for the transaction and gave the cops N97,500.”

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Alabede further stated that the operatives who were in their uniform when stopped his car, changed to mufti when they were going to the POS operator’s stand.

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